Easy Park Android Application


Easy park is an idea that came around due to experiences by many when it comes to finding city centre car parking.
The Easy Park web application streamlines the finding a car park process by allowing the motorist to search for spaces upon entering a city centre. The application gives the motorist a list of potential car parks, free and paid that can be sorted in order of price, location or current occupancy thus removing the need to search and in turn easing congestion in city centres due to motorists searching for available spaces.

The Easy Park web application has an array of features.
One of the main features of the application is that the motorist can search, via the use of a postcode or be auto found via GPS, their location thus providing them with the correct car park information for their current city and location.
The application gives the motorist the option to search spaces upon confirmation of location in order of distance from driver, price and current occupancy level.
Once a car park has been selected the motorist is given directions to the chosen car park via map services.

The main selling point of the application is the fact that the current live occupancy level is shown for car parks in the area. This takes away the possibility of turning up to a car park only to find there are no vacant spaces.



The application development was completed for the city of Leeds. Future plans to take this application into other cities are in the pipeline.

Skills used

  • Android Dev
  • JAVA
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Web Services